Hi there...I'm Kalli!

I live in Michigan.  Have two beautiful grown children...my M&M's, Megan and Matthew.  And can't forget my wonderful husband, Steve.  We've been married over 30 years!

My BFF since age 5 is the cause of all of this KMSO!  She came up from Tennessee to surprise me on my 55th birthday...one of my presents was the make up kit and entry into KMSO.  Told her there was no way I was selling Make-Up.  She rolled her eyes.  Well a month later she was back in the mitten and I went to help cook for her granddaughters graduation party [and yes she's way to young to have a grandchild that old!] Well she had the skin care...I tried it and that was it for me...I knew I HAD to share about these fabulous products!

Then I discovered that I can actually wear this Make-Up without breaking out or having a reaction after a few days...I can wear all day every day!!  LOVE....

My husband and I believe in the products and the mission so much we then decided to become Founders for KMSO and were lucky enough to get one of the last slots.


Blessed beyond measure with the life God has provided!

Connie brought classmate Larry to surprise me on my B-Day!  And she brought one of her homemade cakes....there is nothing like a Connie Cake!!

2017 Kalli Inman          269-998-3497     Michigan