Launched May 8, 2017

Our Vision

Our mission is to keep you and your family safe with our products and safe in business.  We aim to promote and encourage individual success and growth that adds value to the world.  We are committed to toxic free ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Our number one priority is the safety of our products on your family’s skin.  We want to lead with love and ensure that no person sacrifices time with their family to make money. At Keep Me Safe we encourage you to not just  talk about bringing your child to work with you, but we encourage you to incorporate your children into income earning play dates with other families.  Our vision is to create magical moments and memories with those you love and cherish the most.  Keep Me Safe is a safe landing place and a beautiful company to build your dreams. Our policies and procedures are simple and so is our state of the art compensation plan. 

Unlike corporate America, Keep Me Safe has no glass ceiling of income earning potential.  The heartbeat of our business are our advocates.  We strive to create an environment where customers are satisfied and our advocates are valued, loved and successful in reaching their goals.

The world is changing and we are on the cutting edge of that change.   We don't want to see any person have to sacrifice those precious moments with family to build a beautiful income. That is our commitment to you and your family. 

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